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a higher standard of skin care

Since 2004 GENbotanicals has maintained its goal of caring for you and caring for the environment. We strive for a higher standard of skin care in the products we make, and it was our intent from the beginning to give back to our community and the world we live in. We are proud to be among the growing number of companies that really do practice social responsibility as part of our everyday business.

 Our planet produces all the ingredients we share with you. At GEN, we work diligently to ensure that the organic botanicals we offer are of the highest quality. We promise you the purity of product that we have maintained for over 10 years.

Lastly, we’re celebrating you! – the educated consumer who has spoken and demanded natural skin care and healthy lifestyles that are good for us and the planet – you leave us hopeful and inspired, thank you.

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Taking a Detour!!

Beautiful skin is healthy skin.  That’s what we do here, we do heathy.  Not buy-our-product-to-be-beautiful marketing campaigns, but real, honest, well-being.  That’s why we scour the earth for the most pure, unrefined plant ingredients; our interest is your well-being.  I don’t ever want that message to be drowned out by anything else.  This blog gains followers by the hour and I suspect that is because I am sharing my story so honestly and openly.  Do you want the background data?  It’s not pretty…. read more

Facial Cleansing – the basics & 3 oils to nourish and protect

In any skin care routine the first and most important step is facial cleansing. For most of us, this means a daily routine of washing with soap and water or a specific face cleanser. While these are traditional cleansing methods, they are not the only way to clean the skin, and possibly not the best way for all skin types.

Cleansing oils, botanical exfoliators, rich mineral clay and…  read more