organic desert skin care

 Organic Desert Skin Care

20 years a Herbalist, I believe that botanical ingredients are the most compatible with our skin – the plant to skin biochemical interaction is truly breathtaking.

I apply this philosophy to all my skin care products and create my formulas with one simple goal – pure botanical ingredients, as close to their natural state as possible, and designed to work in harmony with the skin and the desert environment.
GEN offers advanced formulas for natural anti-aging and preventative skin care. We are always evolving in our skin care formulations to bring you the best ingredients possible. To this end, we do endless research into the known properties of each ingredient and share with you the science behind the proven effects.

Our desert organic skin care line lets you transform the ravages of the environment to enjoy softer, more supple, healthy looking skin. Customize your skin care routine and discover your skin’s potential.