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Since 2008, our philosophy is the essence of The GEN Collection. We celebrate the beauty of every age. We are not about denying the aging process, so our skin care is not about fixing 'implied' flaws or altering one's own natural beauty. Botanical skin care is about restoring the skin's natural balance. Once restored the results are the same - healthy skin is beautiful skin


Skincare should be a daily ritual for everyone regardless of age and skin condition. While mature skin benefits from a restorative based skin care routine, younger, generally healthy skin still needs protection and preservation as the skin changes throughout all of our life cycles. 

The GEN Collection delivers luxury botanical skincare across the age spectrum; from women in their twenties needing just extra hydration, to women in their thirties, forties and fifties who are beginning to notice a few fine lines, and our eighties & nineties group (a loyal GEN customer, June, just turned 94) who want extra moisture or just like the smell of our true rose and jasmine scents. 

The blending and balance of rich botanical ingredients are the substance of your skincare. Each handcrafted product is a work of both art and science, it is alive with the botanical elements we know to be the safest and most effective for a good, basic skincare routine using only organic natural and essential oils, plant extracts, herbal flowers, tea leaves, and earthen clay. 

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Good skin care

is as little skin care 

as possible.

Less - but superior - because all of our  products work together - in harmony - in continuity and without synthetic chemicals, preservatives, additives or fillers.

A  return to simplicity

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luxurious, pure botanical skincare across the age spectrum​

"I created a team that took us to the  next level.

A level of luxury, simplicity and precision that sets us apart, organic botanical ingredients - as close to their natural state as  possible -  blended according to their specific skin -  benefiting properties - non  challenging to skin health -  providing continuity to the

skincare routine." ​

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All Gen products are packaged in Miron violet glass bottles and jars for preserving the life of our natural base and essential oil, clay, and herbal powders. They offer maximum light protection, light is a major factor in the degrading process of natural skincare ingredients,  and natural protection properties.


"I find that whether

 a woman is in her

 twenties, fifties or seventies,  she cares about her skin.

 She is aware of the  importance of investing

 in her own unique beauty"



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